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       In this Blog I’m going to show you how to backup your QuickBooks company data file and then afterwards I’m going  to show you how to restore that very same company file okay all right so we’re going to start off with the backup .  To backup your QuickBooks company file just start off by opening, QuickBooks and then open your company  file or the company file that you want to actually back up all right once the company file is open click on file and upper left and then click up click on backup company file and then click on create local backup all right on the  create backup screen you’re going to select local backup in this case unless of course you have you’ve subscribed to the online backup option alright once you click on local backup you’re going to go ahead and click on options right below it and then right here where it says local backup only tell us where to save your backup copies I require it.  click on browse and then select the destination for your backup file all right now in this situation.

     We usually advise that you back your  company file to an external device like you know such as a you know a flash  drive or an external hard drive or even a CD or DVD all right but definitely not  to store it on the system where you know  that you’re actually working from right  because just in case something happens  to the system you’re working on you  don’t want you know to lose your company  data and also the backups you know all  together ok as you want to limit you  know you don’t want to put all your eggs  in the same basket all right ok next  often is coming to it’s going to add the  date and time all right  that’s usage s tonight and then the next  option is limit the number of backup  copies in this folder to three it  depends on the size of the drive usually  we don’t use this I usually we have in  reference to backups we believe that you  really can have too many I we usually  change this to something bigger maybe  or more okay

     All right next underneath that it’s  going to on the online and local backup  it has an option to remind mind you when  to remind you when you close QuickBooks  so many times I like to backup all right  for is the default all right that’s okay all right and then the next option is under the backup verification okay you have three options no verification quicker verification and complete verification I know verification is real simple it does not check the company you know the backup company file for it for errors okay we never advise that that option the second option is the quicker verification where it checks the most important parts of the company file you know the backup for errors on and then the third option is the complete  verification option right which is what    we suggest I because in reference to  your company data you don’t want to take  any chances all right it just takes a  little bit more time depending on the    size of your file all right you know to  completely verify the file okay all  right so we’re going to Levi complete  verification all right and then going to    go ahead we have the external drive  selected alright and then we’re going to    go ahead and click ok     alright then we’re going to click Next    all right and then at this point you can    actually you can schedule it for future    backups or you can actually save it and    schedule it or just schedule all right    so this situation we’re going to go    ahead and just actually select to save    it now ok I’m going to go to next    right and it’s going to have you verify    you know reference to the name you can    actually change the name here at this    point if you actually want if I’m    using a sample I’ll just leave it the    way it is we’re going to go and click    Save all right since we’re just backing    up a company file it’s going to be    pretty fast    right now at this point is    just verifying the data    now this is a virtual machine    which is about the only reason why it’s    running so slow 

  I want to just if they’d actually verify    the data before it actually perform the  backup if you were actually curious    about that alright it’s backing up the    data now and then there should be    another verification afterwards    and we’ll give it a second    it’s almost done with the initial backup   and then the verification should be next    okay all right okay all right it’s done    all right we’re going to click OK    all right now if we if you actually need    to restore the company file all right    let’s just wait for it to come back up    okay if you need to let’s say you need    to restore a company file from a backup    right because of maybe you know some    kind of errors or you need to actually    look at some data that’s been removed by    accident or on purpose okay now if you    need to restore the company file okay go    ahead and click on with QuickBooks open  of course click on file all right and  then click on backup a company file well    tell you I actually click on open or    restore company sorry all right and then  click on restore a backup copy all right    click the next all right in this case    it’s a local backup go ahead and click    Next    all right locate the backup file that    you actually want to restore and then 

  We’ve only created one all right and of    course it has the date now so we’re    going to go ahead and select it and select     open alright then it’s going to ask you    where do you want to restore it all    right uh you by default you can actually    you can restore it anywhere but these is    the best place to restore it is where    your original company files up you know    we our company files are located you    know by default which is within the    QuickBooks directory all right now if    you want to name this something    different from you know the company file    that you’re actually using now you know    just in case you won’t actually be able    to swap back and forth between both    company files you might want to go ahead    and actually rename this as something    else maybe like number two or underscore    temp or you know anything that you    actually choose ok alright once you’ve    made your selection I’m just going to    put it to here go and click Save    and depending on the size of your    company file and your system specs this    could take a very little time or you can    actually take a few minutes tax it    complete    okay    okay that’s okay


   I would go ahead and    exit just okay past that just a little    warning okay and it’s of course saying    that it’s a sample    all right and I the data has been    restored successfully all right now that    is basically it for actually restoring a    company file okay    from from a backup all right    and that actually completes this    tutorial 

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