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If you need to repair your QuickBooks company data file it could be because you’re receiving errors while you’re actually working within QuickBooks .

it could be because you actually receive errors when you try to actually open you know a particular company file there’s several ways to actually accomplish the the repair the first if you can manage to open the company file okay all right go ahead and click on file and then utilities and then rebuild data okay and it’s going to prompt and say that you exit me to it when actually it’s going to prompt and actually I mention it needs to actually close all open window so you’re going to go and click on OK and then next it’s going to actually mention that it acts it needs to perform a backup before it can rebuild the deck so go ahead click on OK alright we’re going to go ahead and perform a local backup so I’m going to go and click options alright we’re going to browse we’re going to go ahead and select an external drive for the backup which is always good to use an external device rather than the place in the backups on the same system where you know where the primary company file is exit located ok we’re going to select the complete verification here on the backup I’m going to go ahead and click on OK click on next and it’s going to ask about the name of the file look I’m just going to go ahead and name this three just for the sake of the tutorial here click on save give

it a second to run through the backup and since this is just a sample company file this accent really shouldn’t take too long but this is a virtual machine which will may slow it down a bit give it another minute to finish the back up now depending on your particular systems uh you know the hardware at hardware specs and software this may take no less time or it may take more and also depending on the size of your company file you have a large company file this will definitely take a minute a country minute actually ok once it backs with data its going to go ahead and perform the rebuild of the data file line which is what it’s doing now this is a small file so it really doesn’t have a lot of work that’ll actually have to do okay now of course now it says the rebuilds complete we go ahead and click on okay and we’re going to go ahead and click on home alright now if this is now once you actually you know go back to working you know once you go back to working you know within the company file if you still receive errors or if you could not open the company file at all I you know to the point to where you know if you couldn’t open the company file you would never be able to actually reach the utilities all right portion of the menu I if that is the case okay if you can’t open the file at all because it’s corrupt alright go ahead and close QuickBooks alright and open a web browser and we’re going to do a search okay we’ll just go to almighty Google here and just do a quick books file repair alright just like that okay and what we’re focusing on is  the

QuickBooks file doctor from Intuit alright because they’ll be I mean they’re all kinds of companies acts and perform repairs but at this point we’re only worried about the offerings from QuickBooks for which we actually don’t have to pay additional for us we’re going to go and click on the QuickBooks file doctor link at support not QuickBooks Intuit calm all right once the site opens all right we’re going to go ahead and click on download the QuickBooks file doctor I’m going to go ahead and select to run it it’s a twenty seven point eight Meg file at the at this particular time go ahead and agree to their prompt from the account control line we’re going to go ahead and click Next and then we agree and we’re going to keep the defaults and click Next and then next again all right now once it’s done well hold on actually we’re still waiting for it to complete let’s just give it just a minute here don’t get ahead of ourselves okay once the installation is complete it actually offers an option to go ahead and open the the QuickBooks file doctor we’re going to go ahead and Eve that checked and click close once the file doctor opens we’re going to go ahead and browse to the corrupt company file. let’s just see I’m going to like the usual locations and matter fact I open my bed sorry it’s actually going to keep everything in my documents oops might be wrong here hold on let me actually see if I can even find it okay there we go sorry alright um the yours actually might be located in the programs actually yours

I mean there likes it a couple options it just depends on where you actually saved your company data yours could be in the Program Files on into it and then QuickBooks and whatever version of QuickBooks you actually have and it could be in the root here what could be in actually most likely going to be in the root here or it could be in the Documents folder like actually the one I’m actually using it’s into it and then QuickBooks and since I’m just using a simple company file that’s where this one’s actually located if you’re with a standard file would be under company files most likely here right in this folder here okay okay now let’s just go back and we’re just going to find the file again for the sake of the tutorial all right I’m going to select just any this would actually represent the corrupt company file that you actually have okay once you select your file go ahead and click diagnose file and it’s going to ask you for your administrative privileges if you have assigned one all right now to QuickBooks alright for this one I did not let’s go give it a second here to log into the file and it’s definitely taking its time this may take a minute just may definitely take a country minute okay all right it’s already analyzing the file and like I said depending on your system specs and the size of your company file this may take less time or more time most likely it’s probably definite going to take more time than what it’s taking me here even though this virtual machine is slow we’re just gonna go ahead and sit and wait this out instead of just skipping forward and we will give it another minute and I’ll give it another few seconds here now if your company fell is in really really bad shape this may definitely take a while alright D now the file actually I’m scanning here is just a sample file so it’s really not gonna be a whole lot to it okay alright now we go into the little questionnaire do you access your company files from other computers on the network excuse me and


if you do go and click yes and this is you wish I’m going to go and click no all right and of course now it’s actually mentioning that it actually couldn’t find anything actually wrong with the company file and to restore a backup file if you actually have one this actually is just indicating that it actually you know it’s scanned the file but it did not actually it could not actually find any problems and if you’re it’s actually mentioned if you still are having problems even though it didn’t locate anything to restore from a backup file if you actually have one otherwise what it should say if it actually repaired the file I should you know what should say on the lines of other repair was successful and then you would actually go ahead and close this and then open QuickBooks and then open the repaired file alright and now if you try to do the rebuild data from within QuickBooks and then you also trap the QuickBooks file doctor if neither one of those actually works in reference to repairing your file there are numerous software packages online and actually perform repair and another option you could if you have an older version of QuickBooks you could upgrade your version of QuickBooks to a newer version and when you do that when you install the new version it will and you import your company file it performs a repair of the data and in a lot of situations when we deal with clients that we’ve had problems repairing their files when they’ve upgraded their version of QuickBooks and we’ve imported the data into the new version of QuickBooks it’s actually performed repair and we will actually are able to open the file afterwards all right with a newer version of QuickBooks alright and that pretty much.  

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