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Welcome to our Website We’ve made it all the way down how to module
where we’re going to talk in this module about working with customers and jobs for
those customers Remember that customers are people that buy
from you Some customers have different jobs that you
might work on on a regular basis That’s where we get the terminology Customers
and Jobs and QuickBooks lets you set up both of those This is section and this is part So make sure you watch both parts so you know
how to set these up properly Let’s go ahead and flip over QuickBooks
and looking at customers First of all let me show you how to get to
the Customer Center which is where you’ll see a list of all your customers Remember there’s several ways to do it

This is probably the most common way by clicking
right here on Customers and this is what they call the Customer Center Now we don’t have any customers set up in
ours because it’s a brand new company file So here’s what I’d like to do I mentioned to you way back that you do have
some sample files that you can go into if you want to see how something should be set
up We’re going to actually close the company
file we created here So we’ll Close CompanyLogoff and we’re
actually going to open one of those sample files We’re going to open the sample_product-based
business This particular one happens to be a construction
company called Rock Castle Construction And when you open a sample file it does give
you a sample date And they’re setting this one at of
Now when we open this up you’re going to
see that all of the settings we had set earlier, that was for a different company file so I’m
going to have to set those again if I want them in this company file So just a quick review I’m going to move the icon bar to the top That was under View, Top Icon Bar The next thing I’ll do under View is I’ll
go back to the Open Windows list And now let’s just maximize this window
right in here Now so there’s a couple of preferences I’m
going to turn on because if not I’m going to end up screwing this up as we go along So I’m going to go back to the Edit and
choose Preferences here and the big one that gets me every time is under General I’m going to choose Press Enter to move
between the fields There you go Now it’ll work a little bit better for us

So when I’m looking at just active customers
he will not show up on the list If you want to activate him again you could
go back, do it the opposite Just choose All Customers, click on the X
and now it will say Would you like to activate that customer and all the subs? So that’s how that’s going to work I’ll just go put it back on Active Customers The customer that you’re clicked on you’ll
notice over on the right is their information Their address, their phone number, email,
things like that Notice the email is a link So if you clicked there you would actually
go and be able to send an email to this particular customer You also have a note over here that is pinned That means that’s the important note So we’ll talk a little bit about that shortly And also notice there are some reports here
you can run Now these aren’t just for this customer They’re for all customers

Now if you notice you can actually make the
bottom of the window a little bit smaller or if you need to pull it up you can do that
too and that way you can see everything on the top or the bottom Several tabs at the bottom The first one says Transactions Those would be any transactions that have
been created for this customer or job Notice if I click on a job I only see the
ones for that job versus if I’m on the customer I see the ones for that entire customer If I wanted to look at one of these transactions,
let’s say this payment here, all I have to do is double click and go right to that
particular transaction Alright I’m going to close it up at the
top You also have Contacts So if you wanted to have an additional contact
other than the customer, maybe someone in front office, maybe the partner, you could
set that up You can set up To Do’s Those are things you have to take care of
related to your particular customer You can type Notes So any time you have a conversation with your
customer you may want to put some notes in And also you can look at Sent Email In prior versions you could send emails but
it didn’t keep a list of the emails you had actually sent out Here it does, just so you’ll know Let’s go ahead and take a peek at the information
you would need to set up if you’re going to set up a new customer I’m just going to take Kristy for example
and I’m going to double click That’s just like going into Edit Here you have the customer’s name and the
current balance that they owe You’ll notice there are several tabs here The first one being the Address Info So that’s pretty self-explanatory Then you have the Payment Settings So we’re going to go through this in a second
when we set up our customer

We’ve got Sales Tax Settings So if you charge sales tax then this customer
would fall under a particular tax bracket or may or may not be taxable and some additional
info So why don’t I go ahead and hit Cancel here
and let’s go ahead and create a new customer The way you create a new customer is you come
up here where it says New Customer and Job and it says New Customer The first thing you want to do is put in the
customer’s name Now in this list if you look at it they had
last name, comma, first name You’ll want to continue it the same way I’m going to say this is Mr Tom Allen And notice there’s a place to put an opening
balance Now this is here because as of the date
of your company file how much money did the customer owe you? You could plug in that figure I don’t like to use that because I can’t
tell that that $, the customer owed me was actually for three separate invoices So what I do is I leave that blank and I go
and actually put those invoices in The first tab is the Address Info so I’m
going to fill some of this in We’ll say that Tom works for ABC Plumbing
and notice it has a place for Mr and Mrs first name and last name A very common question is if I have the name
here why do I need to put the name here? That’s because you’re going to learn in
a later module that one of the features QuickBooks has is the ability to do mail merges with
Microsoft Word This is where it pulls from, these fields
right here It does not pull from this So you do need to fill this in if you want
to use some of this information when you’re creating a mail merge

So we’re going to say this guy is the president Now I can go down the list and put in phone,
fax, email You can see all the different things If you want a field to represent something
else notice you can choose it from the list So you’ve got plenty of fields where you
can fill in information You might have noticed as you were typing
that it ed bringing down some of that information This is the billing information You will need to click here and actually type
this out the way you’d like it to appear when you actually send an invoice to your
customer You also have the ability to set up a shipping
address over here That would mean if you have a customer that
says ship the items to one address but send the bill somewhere else you could fill that
in Now let me go to the Payment Settings which
is the next tab over If you don’t have all of the information
filled in in this address block or if it doesn’t recognize something it will pop up with this
window and then you can edit the information this way I’m just going to leave that postal code
out for now and click OK Here I can give my customers an account number You don’t have to do that but a lot of businesses
do Payment Terms You can have different payment terms for each
customer So if you want this customer to be net ,
another to be net you can certainly set it up that way Do they have a preferred delivery method? Does this customer like things emailed or
mailed to them? And do they have a preferred payment method? Do they usually pay you with cash or do they
usually barter? You see you have different choices here I would never ever, ever put this information
in but this is designed to hold the customer’s credit card information If you have a customer that asks you to keep
their number on file and just charge it whenever then keep that somewhere else, not in here You can set a credit limit for your customers What will happen is if you exceed the credit
limit it will pop up and warn you but still let you sell them something else And you can also set a price level So if you’ve decided that all of your commercial
customers get a % discount you can set that up here Also if you have customers that you want to
be able to pay you with online payments you can go through and set up credit card and
bank transfer information here Now we’re going to go to the Sales Tax Settings Before we do let’s go ahead and stop the
video here and I want you to go over to part so we can continue talking about setting
up our customers transcript

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