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We protect workers wages to be sure
that they are being paid the amount that they ‘re . .entitled to under Denver law. . .Hello, Im Rudy Lopez, Prevailing Wage Investigator. .To ensure prevailing wage compliance across
the board, we ask you to regularly submit . .your certified payroll information for your
employees and contractors. . This video will walk you through the steps
for submitting your first payroll in in our tracker. . . by logging into tracker. . .We showed you how to set up your account and
enter employees into the tracker in our . .first video: Getting ed. . .Make sure you have all the information you.
need to enter payrolls, including your employee . register, pay stub, time card and check stub. . .We recommend you allow popups in you browser
setting. . .Once you ‘re logged in, click on the first
tab labeled payroll records, and then click .the first box labeled enter records. . .In the first field, enter the last day of
the week you are submitting. . .Select the correct project from the drop down
and choose the employee you plan to enter. . We showed you how to add employees in the
Getting ed video. . You must enter information for each employees
payroll one at a time. .You must enter a separate payroll for each
classification, even if its the same employee. .Next, you will click the add classifications
button. 7 .On this screen, you will choose the construction
type and craft the options in the drop down . .will depend on how your project was originally
set up in the system. . .Prevailing wage investigators assign the wages
and classifications to the project. . .You will need to check the box for the correct
classification on this page. . .There could be more than one option if the
employee has worked on more than one project . .or in more than one role. . .If the correct classification options are
already listed on the main record entry, you .can skip and add classification steps and
select next. .Now you are in the main entry form. If your project is on call or a master purchase
order, you must add a work order. .Next, enter the base hourly rate for your
employee and the overtime hourly rate. . .Then, you will move to the left of the screen
and enter the gross employee pay for this . project. . .’the hourly rate times the hours worked
for the week. . .This includes both regular time and overtime. . .After that you will move down on the page to
the daily hours worked. . .Put in the number of hours worked for each
day for this project. . You will get this from your employees time
card. . .Then you will add up the total hours worked
for both the city project and other projects . .that the employee worked. . This helps us track overtime hours due from
city projects. . .This number goes in the total hours all projects
worked box here. . .In the next section down, you will calculate
the value of the fringes for which you can . claim credit. . .There are two ways you might have to meet
your fringe obligations. . .You might have gotten fringe credit for approved
benefits or might have paid a rate in lieu .of benefits. . .Well by looking at approved benefits
credit reporting. .There are two ways to enter them. .If you entered fringes information in the
employee setup, just hit the calculate fringes button. .If you did not enter it in the setup page,
put it in manually in each field by pay stub. . .If your approved fringe credits are not enough
to meet the prevailing wage rate, you will need to report money paid to the employee. . .Do this in the section at the top of this
page. . .You will enter the hourly rate paid in lieu
of fringe in the top section on the right. . Then, you may enter the wages paid in lieu
of fringes in the same section near the left. . .If the rate you pay your employees is

than the prevailing wage, your investigator . .will receive a notice once you submit your
payroll. . .Finally, go down to the last section to fill
in the paycheck deductions. . The paycheck information is based on the total
hours worked on all projects. . .You will see it as the net amount on the employees
paycheck. You will enter each deduction as well as the
paycheck amount and the date the paycheck was issued. .Don’t forget to enter the check number. . .If its direct deposit, type in DD. .Now you can click save. .To enter another employee, click the yes when
the box appears. 7 .If that was the last employee, click no. . .Remember, your payroll still isn’t submitted. . .You must certify it before you are done. . .To do that, go to the tab number three at
the top of the page. . .Select the project and the week end date. . In the payroll number, the last number you
submitted in your particular project should . be shown. . Then, add your name and title. .Hit next. . .This may take a moment to load. . .Read through the certification terms. . .Use your password to e-sign. . .Its often the same as the password you used
to log in. 7 .If you have forgotten your e-signature password,
you can reset it under the setup tab. .If this is the last payroll of the job, click
the final box and save. 7 .The box should pop up with confirmation you
can save for your own records. . .You can also find this by going to the reports
tab at the top and clicking the certified .payroll box. .The CPR report is available any time there
for you to return in the near future. . .This concludes the steps for submitting employee
payroll reports.

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