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Welcome to the Denver Auditor Office Prevailing
Wage Department.
We protect wages to be sure
that they are being paid what they are under Denver law.Hello, I am , Prevailing Wage
When entering payroll for your employees,
it is possible you will mistype something or there could be some kind of error.Watch our other video, Submitting Your Payroll
for tips on entering the information correctly.

the first time This video will help you fix any problems
after you have submitted the payroll.If there is an issue requiring you to edit
a certified payroll, you will receive an email
saying your certification was rejected by
The email will tell you why it was rejected
and ask you to edit and resubmit the payroll.You will need this information soon.Errors which would require the editing and
re-submission of payroll include miss-classification
of employees, typos on check information such
as transposed digits and reporting incorrect fringe amounts.Edits are always done to make the payroll
record accurately reflect the amount paid to the employee.

They are not done to pay restitution. fix the issue, log in to LCP tracker, click
the certified payrolls tab in the main part of the page here.

If you have more than one project, make sure
top select the correct one from the drop down menu.

Here you will see a bright red box marking
the rejected payroll..Once you are ready to edit a rejected payroll,
click the edit button next to the report and then click the edit button next to the person.On this next page you will see several sections,
which one you use will depend on error was in the original report.You will find this information in the emailed
rejection notification you already received. In this example, you had an incorrect classification,
so you will edit under the classification

drop down section.If there was a different problem, such as
a typo, you might edit in a section like paycheck or fringes.Once you find the section you need to edit,
select the edit button to the right of the page.

Fix the error, select the correct classification
box and click on the save button. Then you select cancel at the bottom of the
page. Edited payrolls are not certified in the certification
tab.To re-certify the updated payroll, read the
information on this page and agree by entering your name and title.Next, you will have a chance to enter your
remarks..This box should be where you leave a note
about why you are resubmitting or what change you made to the payroll.

To finish, you will e-sign with the password
you set up when creating your account.Often, it is the same password as the log

Do not check the box next to final unless
this is the last payroll of the entire project..Select save. of your payroll submission will open.This a document you may choose to save for
your company's records.Now your fixed payroll is on its way back
to your investigator for review.Thank you for watching this tutorial video. always our investigators are happy to help
you stay in compliance with city-wide prevailing wage.

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