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Quickbooks Customers face lot of technical and accounting issues, every now and then

Dealing with a business requires a lot of exertion and time. Keeping up each record for assessments may likewise be an issue. We can help you in dealing with the bookkeeping issues and tasks.

How to do QuickBooks Setup:

Let’s go ahead and look at the Customer
Center in the practice file. You’ll notice on the left you have a list
of all of your customers If you can’t see the list go ahead and expand
the column a little wider so you can see the full name in this particular list Notice it shows you the customer and these
are jobs for that customer Also the balance that’s due for the entire
customer or per job This column over here where it says Attachment,
notice the little paperclip You can actually double click and attach a
file to this customer Maybe you had a Word document or an Excel
file You can go ahead and attach it here so you
don’t have to get out of QuickBooks and go search for it when you need it Notice I’m looking at all the customers
that are active but I could look at just the ones with open balances, just at the overdue
ones, or I could look at all the customers total I’m going to click on All Customers for
a moment because I want to show you one quick thing We talked back in the previous module about
how to make an account in the Chart of Accounts inactive I had mentioned you could do that This is a way to make a customer inactive
right here See the column with the X? Let’s say that this customer I haven’t
seen in a very long time I can just put that X next to that customer
and it will ask me am I sure I want to make that customer inactive Notice the X now meaning he’s inactive

Our Team can enable you to set up QuickBooks, make sense of which records to import, map accounts, create layouts and much more.

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